TCAPS Looking At Bid Proposals For Their Four Vacant Properties

Traverse City Area Public Schools is looking into the possibility of parting with some of their vacant property for the right price.

After the district sold its Old Mission Peninsula property it sparked a conversation about other properties that may interest potential buyers.

TCAPS now wants proposals on four different vacant properties.

One on 13th street behind Thirlby Field, another on Potter Road and Four Mile, a third one at 1180 Cedar Run Road and the final one at Church Road.

If sold, the money would go into the district’s general fund, but before that happens TCAPS wants to look at bids and determine if it’s worth it.

The school district’s finance and operations executive director Christine Thomas-Hill says, “We are intending on having a conversation with the board at the retreat in August about what the bids look like so that we can make a decision short-term and long-term about those RFPs.”

You can visit and walk the properties the week of July 24th, but bids have to be in by August 7th. For more information click here.

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