State Budget Heads to Governor’s Desk

Next year’s $56 billion state budget is now on Governor Snyder’s desk awaiting his signature.

And its impact will certainly be felt in northern Michigan.

The budget includes money for roads and infrastructure, as well as more money for schools and funding to train new state troopers.

This year’s state budget calls for an increase of 1 percent in revenue sharing for counties like Mecosta County. Meaning they’ll see about an extra $8,598 from the state.

“It won’t be specially allocated in any way, it will just go into our general fund revenue and then that gets parceled out into everything that draws from the general fund,” said County Administrator Paul Bullock.

They say that extra money is vital to their budget.

“The state revenue sharing is critical to our ongoing provision of services which is the only reason county governments are here is to provide services, and there’s a cost to that. It shows the legislature is trying to honor the promises made by previous legislatures so that’s encouraging,” noted Bullock.  

There’s also roughly $88.9 million set to be divided among county road commissions. Wexford County says they’re waiting to see exactly what that will mean for them, but say it will be an increase over last year.

“It’s been a long time since they raised it, this is the first year we’re seeing an increase. The money they passed and raised, anything additional is a big plus for us and that will make it easier on all parts of our budget but anything on this next year’s budget will go towards roads,” said manager Alan Cooper.  

The governor is expected to sign the budget this week,

It takes effect, October 1. 

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