Mackinaw City Website Hacked With Pro-ISIS Message

Government websites in a few states including one in Northern Michigan, were hacked and used to spread pro-ISIS propaganda.

The hack is the suspected work of “Team System DZ,” a pro-terrorist hacking group with a history of these kinds of cyber-attacks. Mackinaw City is reportedly the only place in Michigan that was affected, leaving some residents wondering why.

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian has more in this report.

“Our village clerk was notified by citizen here in town, that the website had been hacked,” said Village Manager Patrick Wyman

Mackinaw City’s website, falling victim to a cyber-attack.

“Citizen went to our website to look up some information, and was immediately faced with a screen that was not ours,” explained Wyman.

A homepage replaced with pro-ISIS propaganda.

“We found the hacking was limited to just our face page on our website,” said Wyman.

For a few hours the homepage was completely black, with writing that read, "I love Islamic State."

This hack was similar to others in states like Ohio and Maryland, but has some residents asking the question, why Mackinaw City?

“I just think we are a tiny city, you know, where’d they find us and why,” said Resident Tom Majeske

Citizens not necessarily concerned, but certainly curious.

“The big concern is the ISIS function, it doesn’t scare me, I’m not going to change the way of life or anything else but, it will be great to hear the story on it of why, especially not one big city in Michigan, just in Mackinaw City,” said Majeske.

The IT company contracted by Mackinaw City, worked immediately to correct the problem.

“The IT company took over and within a couple of hours they had the situation rectified. We can just assure people that everything was taken care of,” said Wyman

In a statement, IT Right said no personal or sensitive information was compromised. Village officials say the issue was solved in a couple hours, and steps were taken by the IT company to prevent this from happening again. 

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