Ludington Coast Guard Warns Of Dangerous Waves

Gusty winds in some spots of Northern Michigan are causing dangerous waves. 
Mason County is one place that has a high swim risk, and has a beach hazard.

"Lake Michigan actually has the highest number of rip current accidents in the great lakes," said Petty officer McKenna Wichocki.

Strong winds leading to choppy waters with waves more than five feet high in Lake Michigan. 

"These are the days when there’s high winds and high waves that with all the water flowing in this is when rip currents are going to happen," he said. 

"When people are walking near the beach it gets a little scary. They look like they might go in the water and some of them are little kids so it is scary," said Brittany Septrion.

"You see the helicopter out looking or if the Badger is going back and forth looking for people those kinds of things scare you when you’re a local it’s sad," Brittany said. 

The Coast Guard recommends to stay off the water, but if you do decide to go out make sure to bring life jackets and flares. 
They say to always check the forecast.

"Even after the winds and the seas calm down a couple days later all that water is being pushed towards shore so there can still be rip currents moving outwards towards Lake Michigan. 

Along with keeping people safe during dangerous days like this, the Coast Guard is getting ready for Operation Dry Water this weekend. They are amping up patrols to look for boaters who are driving while intoxicated. 

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