Up North Pride Celebrates Pride Month With Rally, March In Downtown Traverse City

Up North Pride has been hosting events all month in honor of pride month.

They topped it off with their fourth annual Up North Pride Rally and Visibility March.

Hundreds gathered at The Little Fleet in Downtown Traverse City for the rally.

Then marched down Front Street to Clinch Park.

There people celebrated with a picnic and music.

This year their pride week theme was “All Together Now,” making sure their LGBTQ Community is inclusive within their movement.

Co-Founder of Up North Pride, Elon Cameron says, “A lot of time the LGBT plus movement can be very isolating for people who don’t identify specifically within the communities so we’re working to be more inclusive not only of our allies, our friends and neighbors, but also all the other social justice and civil rights movements of this time.”

After the rally and march there was a pride after party at The Little Fleet.

For more information about Up North Pride click here.

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