Mount Pleasant Homes, Streets Flooded; Untreated Sewage Entering Chippewa River

Parts of Northern Michigan are bailing out after skies opened to a deluge of rain.

Homes are filled with water, streets turned into rivers.

Several communities are dealing with destructive flooding that stranded drivers and even destroyed crops.

Mount Pleasant was the heaviest hit area.

The water in the parking lot of city hall was so deep Friday, people were kayaking in it.

"I came out and seen how bad it was and moved by vehicle and came back to continue to get ready, and it was nothing," says Sadie Lalk.  

Sadie and her son woke up and found their parking lot submerged.

"I noticed that the bathroom had that much water on the floor. So I was throwing towels on it, hoping that it would stay contained in the bathroom. It did not," explains Sadie.

And it did not stop.

"I have a 6-year-old son who is medically handicapped. He has a feeding tube and such. The first trip, I completely forgot the medical stuff. It was just try to save what you can and get out the door," says Sandy. "My dad’s ashes were, they had about that much water up on them, and I was like ‘get my dad.’"

Almost a foot of water still lies in some apartments.

 “I’ve never seen it like this," says Paul Lauria.

South of town, part of Blanchard Road collapsed from rushing water.

“It’s runoff from private properties, public properties, so it’s a large amount of water to handle in a small period of time," explains Paul.

Isabella County Emergency Management says a plan to soon declare a local state of emergency is in place while the city gets ahead of the issue.

People like Sadie are holding onto family.

"My family has been very supportive. My mom has offered me anything and everything," says Sadie. "It’s all materialistic, but where do we go from here?"

The Red Cross opened a shelter for those who need it at the Mount Pleasant High School.

Also, the city says untreated sewage is entering the Chippewa River at the wastewater treatment plant as a result of flooding.

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