Cadillac Prepares For Potentially Severe Weather

Northern Michigan’s News Leader has crews across the area as storms develop.

The wind is picking up pace in Cadillac and it has started to drizzle.

We aren’t seeing the heavy rainfall just yet, but Mother Nature won’t be staying quiet for long.

Sometimes the streets of Cadillac flood if there is a lot of rain.

The city cleared drains after a storm a couple weeks ago, but if you see any standing water don’t drive through it.

The weather has some people thinking about staying late at work until it’s safe to head home.

“We’ve seen sunlight today and then we see clouds and then torrential downpours so sometimes I think about hanging past close. I close at 7, sometimes I’ll stay here and wait until it clears because visibility is next to nil with the rainfall we’ve been getting,” Rob Grimes, owner of Comic Book E.R. said.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader will be tracking this storm all night long.

We will be right back here at 11 with the latest conditions. 

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