Mt. Pleasant Committee Hears Public Comment Regarding Medical Marijuana Regulations

A committee working to figure out how to regulate medical marijuana in the city of Mt. Pleasant is now hearing from the public.

The city’s Medical Marijuana Ad-Hoc Committee will take public comment Monday night.    

In the committee’s original draft they recommended to permit all recognized marijuana facility types within the city. That has the public wanting to give their input.  

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian heard all kinds of opinions today and has more details.

“The city of Mt. Pleasant is listening to the people, the city leaders are going to allow it,” said Lawyer Todd Levitt.

Mt. Pleasant’s Medical Marijuana Committee is receiving feedback about their drafted recommendation.

“So far we’ve had a good mix of feedback we’ve certainly had a number of folks who’ve come forward who have an interest in the industry, we’ve also heard from some individuals about certain impacts it could have on our community,” says City Planner and Committee Member Jacob Kain.

It’s a recommendation that permits all marijuana facility types within the city of Mt. Pleasant.

“They’ve included a few recommendations regarding provisioning centers and growers in particulars but otherwise they’re open to allowing all five types without any sort of limit on the number of facilities in the city,” added Kain.

That means no limit to the amount of dispensaries or growers in the city. It has some people worried.

“As a parent of three boys I’m concerned with having a lot of those types of places around, I just feel like more of that substance in our community is probably not a good thing,” said Mt. Pleasant Resident Liz Barz.

Limiting the number is possible, but others say there should be no limit.

“They should just not cap it, if the market demands 10 provisions centers and those general individuals can pass vetting through the state, then the city should allow 10 dispensaries,” said Levitt.

There are some restrictions in the current recommendation.

“There be a distance requirement from a K-12 schools in the community and for growers they’re recommending there be odor controls,” explained Kain.

“If they have to be here I would say than they should be as far away as they can, the farther the better,” added Barz.

The board will use Monday night’s public input to draft a final recommendation to be brought to city council.

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