Jacks Journal: SCRAP TC

It’s a store named SCRAP TC, full of scraps!  Brilliant!  These “scraps” are crafting items that need a new home.  Not into knitting anymore or did that hobby seemed like a good idea at the time?

“We get our materials from individuals within the community and businesses, anybody that has that bin of old crafting items that they may not be interested in any more, or we get things from estates that need love and a new home,” said Eve Schuyler, SCRAP TC.

There are seven Scrap’s stores across the country. This is the only Midwest location for this non-profit effort and it’s housed in a unique location, Leelanau Studio’s was once an elementary school.

“Leelanau Studio’s is transformed from the old Norris Elementary School and our store is in the kindergarten room.  Which is perfect because we are about creative play,” said Schuyler.

The store is chuck full of crafting stuff that instead of heading to the landfill can be used by someone else. There is the traditional stuff: yarn, sewing items, art supplies, but also metal, wood, tile and upholstery samples. All stuff that crafters and teachers love. It’s a new idea with old stuff and it’s making crafting affordable.

When you are not worried about money, you’re more apt to create bigger fearless things.  Little kids can do it, seniors, anybody can do it,” said Schuyler.

It’s a great bit of irony that the creative reuse store calls a repurposed elementary school home. 

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