Cadillac Area YMCA Hosts Art Competition For 7th Grade Membership Fund

A local YMCA is hosting an art competition fundraiser that will last the entire summer.

The Cadillac Area YMCA is having an "Art in the City" art competition.

The theme is local inspiration, so whatever inspires an individual whether it be a person or scenery.

All of the art will be auctioned off to benefit the 7th Grade Membership Fund, which allows all seventh graders in the area to have a free membership at the YMCA.

The competition is open to all ages, and there will be cash prizes for the best piece of art in each group.

"You can use a piece of medium that you choose or we will supply one piece to anybody who would like one; whatever board it is you want, whether it’s a canvas or an illustration board or drawing paper,” says Y Specialist, Kurt Baney. “All pieces of work are required to be 11×14, and it could be anything. So it could be sculpture or it could be fabric art. We’d love to see what our community can really step forward with."

There will also be four art workshops in the upcoming months.

The deadline to get your art and application to the YMCA is August 23.

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