Leland Teenager Raises Thousands With Triathlon In Honor Of Mother

70 Ti-athletes, coming together to honor a mother who lost her battle with cancer while also raising money for research.

Today was the Tri For Kristie Triathlon in Leland.

Kristie Yaakoby died from cancer back in 2013.

Her 15 year old daughter Talia Yaakoby started the race a couple years ago as a way to remember her mother.

Every year the race has grown, raising $12,000 for cancer research along the way.

This year Talia’s goal was to raise 4,000 dollars.

She’s thankful for the community support.

"You can only do so much yourself and when you get a whole community backing you up it makes you feel invincible. So it makes you think that I am making a change. And I’m working for the better. And it’s great to see so many people that also believe in that with you," Talia said.

Talia is still tallying up exactly how much money they raised, and will start planning next year’s race soon.

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