Mount Pleasant Woman Looking For Owner Of Lost Ring

Does this ring look familiar to you?

A Mount Pleasant woman is looking for the owner.

Sylvia Gonzalez found the ring at the Island Park Splash Pad while she was there with her daughter.

Now she’s on a mission to find the owner.

9&10’s Taylor Jones found out why it’s so important the ring is returned.

The ring says "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

That message spoke to Sylvia and now she wants to find the owner.

“About right here, it was just sitting there and it looks worn, the letters are worn in, so I just thought it was important to somebody,” says Gonzalez.

As soon as she spotted the ring, Sylvia Gonzalez asked if it belonged to anyone at the park, but couldn’t find the owner.

“The letters, they are kind of scratched. You can tell it’s not like brand new, you can tell too it’s been worn for a while,” says Gonzalez.

Sylvia feels the ring was meaningful.

“Maybe a promise ring, the beginning of maybe a marriage. Maybe it was a ring that a daughter got from her father you know, maybe the last thing. It could be something like a momentum that you can’t replace,” says Gonzalez.  

Now she just wants the ring back where it belongs.

“I would probably feel like part of you was missing. If you were wearing a wedding band and you take that off, it feels like you’re missing something. It feels like part of you isn’t with you,” says Gonzalez.

If the ring is yours you can contact Sylvia at 989-854-6113.

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