Hundreds From Across The Country Compete In Grand Traverse Kennel Club Dog Show

If you’re in Grand Traverse County this weekend you may see a lot more dogs than usual.

That’s because of the annual Grand Traverse Kennel Club Dog Show.

Around 400 dogs from across the country will be participating a day.

It starts with a dog competing among its breed and the best of the breed moves on in the competition.

Sally Watkeys, chair for the dog show and vice president of Grand Traverse Kennel Club says it’s a special show because it gives a small town feel to what many see as a big city event. “You watch the movement, the structure, but also the personality of the dog and how it works to show off to the judge. It’s just awesome and to be able to see it right here in our city, I love it.”

You’re welcome to go see the competition, but you can’t bring pets, only competing dogs are allowed.

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