Traverse City Opens New Food, Drink And Retail Spot; State Street Marketplace

A new food, drink and retail spot opening in Traverse City on Friday.

State Street Marketplace is something unique to the area right across from the Park Place Hotel.

All under one roof you can shop in two stores with Michigan made items and try four different restaurants.

Monkey Fist Brewing Company is also in the Marketplace, where you can try some craft beer and see where the beer is made.

“Traverse City is a special place, it’s been a special place for my family and I,” said owner Kevin O’Donnell. “When we go out to eat the number one question is what do you want to eat; well I want pizza, I want burgers, I want a salad and if you put that together, when they can get a fantastic pizza over here and you can get some amazing ethnic food over there, you get a little something for everyone.”

The grand opening is Friday and will be open seven days a week.

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