Hook And Hunting: Pure Michigan Hunt License, The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift?

The Michigan DNR might have the perfect present.

The DNR suggests buying your father a Pure Michigan Hunt application.

Each year three people are randomly selected as Pure Michigan Hunt winners.

Who receive a variety of hunting licenses from bears, antlerless deer, elk and more.

Other prizes such as guns and hunting gear – are also given away.

The Pure Michigan Hunt application costs $5.

There is no limit to how many a person can buy.

“It’s kind of an exciting thing, some people buy lottery tickets for family members, here’s just another way if you have a sportsman in your family, someone who loves to be outdoors, it’s just kind of giving them a little hope to win all of these licenses for 2018,” says Katie Keen, Cadillac DNR.

Click here to find out how to apply. 

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