Get Fit, Get Healthy: Modus 45

One of the best ways to stick to a workout is to find something you love.

For a Traverse City woman, that meant creating her own program.

Now men and women, young and old have a place where they can find fitness together.

Corey Adkins and Michelle Dunaway take us to Modus 45 for this month’s Get Fit, Get Healthy.

"Modus means method in Greek, so barre method, this kind of method, and this is my crazy method, so I call it Modus," says Megan Madion, owner/instructor.

No madness to this method, but your muscles may disagree.

Megan came up with her own unique program several years ago, and today has her Traverse City studio.

It was a class borne out of necessity when this fitness fanatic became a mother.

"I was going from doing triathlons to running races, ski races, that kind of thing, and then when she got into my arms I’m like, OK, I have no time for anything,” explains Megan.

No time, and no energy.

"I started just because I was exhausted. I couldn’t do anything, so I had to start on my back and, you know, it’s funny; that’s what the people who comes here appreciate. They say, ‘I love starting on my back,’" says Megan.

But just because you start laying down, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Megan took what she liked about other workouts, started doing them at home, and eventually enlisted her friends for classes.

"I wanted kind of a barre/cardio/weightlifting class where you work your stabilizing muscles, and then move into these big movements so it shocks your body, so the results come faster," explains Megan.

From her home, it grew into a studio in the warehouse district.

And with it, a very diverse, loyal following.

"You start to notice gradual but significant changes in your body, your strength… I live on a ladder, I have a gallery and I lift a lot, I move a lot, and at 66, I don’t think I could do this. This has made a major change for me," says Sue Ann, Traverse City resident.

Lexi, a 17-year-old, explains, "It’s a difficult class. It’s a full body workout, instead of just one focus it’s everything, so you kind of burn out halfway throughout, but with everyone else it’s a competitive class so you have to keep up with everyone else."

Another class participant, Karen Widing says, "I have done everything: step, aerobics, Pilates, Zumba, I’ve done yoga. I’ve done everything and this works for me. It’s kind of a balance of a little bit of a workout, a little cardio, a little bit like barre Pilates and I really enjoy the mix."

And after nine months, Karen Widing found another reason to keep coming back.

"With my hip, I have a hip injury, I’ve had to have injections in the past, and I’ve been able to forgo my last two scheduled injections because I don’t have any pain and I’m able to go on without them," explains Karen.

Some of the small movements in the exercises may not look like much, but they are effective.

"You’re working your small stabilizing muscles, and when you’re doing that you’re creating a real deep body awareness and you’re also creating this balance,” explains Megan. "So for high school girls, it’s great because they don’t have a lot of body awareness, and, as you age, you’re losing balance and losing body awareness, so it’s great strengthening. You metamorphosis over time. It’s not like you come in and lose weight right away. If you do it, and you’re consistent, you will change, your body will absolutely change and you’ll feel great," says Megan.

The regulars here say they’re proof. For them, it’s become a lifestyle.

"I love it. It’s like brushing my teeth, I wouldn’t not do it three days a week. It’s made such a difference for me," explains Sue Ann.

Karen adds, "It’s changed me. I feel great about myself and how I feel."

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