Back to Alaska: One Man’s DeLorean Road Trip Adventure

A lifelong dream, hitting the road.

From Michigan back to Alaska in a 1982 DeLorean.

Rob Prince stopped by 9&10 News headquarters Thursday. He was only about two hours into his trip.

Rob’s been teaching in Michigan and is now headed home to Fairbanks, Alaska.

He bought the car in Illinois last June.

Rob is filming "Back to Alaska: The DeLorean Road Trip Movie."

He calls the journey the biggest, craziest adventure of his life.

“I don’t wanna wait to do the things that are really exciting to me in life, because I might be too old or just physically not fit enough to do some of them, and the DeLorean kind of falls into that category. This is a pretty tricky car to get into,” says Rob.

The goal is to get there by next Friday evening

They’ll be updating their adventure online, and you can follow along here

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