Cadillac MSP Hosts 100th Anniversary Open House

State Police in Cadillac hosting their annual open house, while celebrating 100 years of service.

State Police host an open house every year to let the community in, to see the post and get up close and personal with the equipment troopers use on a daily basis.

This year they’ll also be using it to highlight their 100th anniversary.

They had patrol cars on display along with their rollover simulator and emergency response team.

State Police say this is one of the best ways to connect with the community around them.

“It’s something we really like to do for the community so they can come out and talk to us because many times the only contact they get to have with us is if they have an accident or if they’ve had some other sort of contact,” said 1st Lt. Frank Keck, Post Commander.

Troopers also had their K-9 team and bomb squad doing demonstrations. 

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