Some Mackinac County Residents Still Without Power After Sunday’s Storm

Some in Mackinac County are wondering when their lights will turn back on.

Hundreds of people are still without power in parts of Northern Michigan, and crews are working around the clock to restore it.

In Hessel, some residents have been without power for the last three days, a lot of which was caused by trees that came down on power lines after Sunday’s storm.

People in the community have banded together to deal with these tough times.

"It’s the strongest wind that I have ever witnessed since I’ve been here," said Brad Koster, owner of E.J. Mertaugh Boat Works.

His power is out and property damaged from Sunday’s storm. Koster said his store front window was shattered by the wind.

“Pretty substantial amount of water in there and broken glass, and no power, it was pretty scary,” said Koster. 

Koster had generators up and running. Other Hessel residents, not as lucky.

“We’ve lost power occasionally, but not this long. Since about 3 o’clock Sunday. A long time to go without a shower, or running water, or hot running water, or television,” said Hessel Resident Charles Nye.

Cloverland Electric says fallen trees have caused delays in restoring power.

“That area had a lot of extensive tree damage/and it just takes time to get in the woods, get trees cleared, to be able to get to those areas, and get lines put back up,” said Cloverland Communications Director Todd Chapman.

In the meantime, the Hessel community is coming together to help one another.

“It’s a close community when it’s a small town like this, everybody kind of helps each other out. We’ve helped a few of our customers that had power out, we’ve lent them generators,” Koster said.

Although power is off, spirits are high.

“It looks like we’ll make it and surely they’ll get it fixed pretty soon,” Nye said.

Cloverland Electric says they plan on having most, if not all, services restored by Wednesday.

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