Prudenville Power Outage Casts More Than 1,000 Residents Into Darkness

While many were in the dark up north, thousands of others below the bridge also woke up without power, some for more than 12 hours.

9&10’s Cody Boyer went to Prudenville and continues our team coverage, checking in with people getting through the blackout.


A power line south of Prudenville caused more than 1,000 people to go without their power when it collapsed.

While Consumers worked on getting them back up in the air, many people living around here had to find their own ways to get around not having power.

"It was bad, really bad,” said Robert Zavits, who has lived in the area for 80 years. “We had a lot of water and everything was blowing."

A large tree tumbled into a power line and brought it to the ground early Tuesday morning.

Many like Robert woke up in the dark and in need of help.

"I was up at 4 o’clock, sitting there, wondering where to go, where to find some lights for the house, the inside,” Zavits said. “I’m on oxygen and I don’t have oxygen tanks. I have a battery-operated situation, plus one in my house which is all electric and I have to charge the battery."

"I heard some rain. I heard a little thunder,” said Jerre Moore, who lives just down the street and woke up to a similar predicament. “I looked at the clock by the bed and it was out."

Jerre found himself with no power and a low water supply.

He relied on resourcefulness.

“I did save some water but that’s running low now,” Moore said. “So now to flush the toilet, I’m getting water out of the pool and dumping that in."

The neighborhood hummed with generators, people preparing for the long haul.

"I have some flashlights all around the house,” Moore said. “There’s some big oaks that should come down."

"I guess I can hurry up and wait,” Zavits said. “That sounds like the Army."

Power started to return for everyone in Denton Township around 3:30 p.m.

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