Northern Michigan Political Party Leaders Respond To Attorney General Testimony

The Attorney General’s testimony has people all over the country weighing in, including local party leaders right here in Northern Michigan. 

"I believe he had the courage to say the things he needed to say and not say what shouldn’t be said," said Karan Josephus.

"It appeared there were some things he didn’t want to tell us," said Chris Cracchiolo.

One hearing, two parties and two distinct takeaways. 
The chair of the Grand Traverse County Democrats wasn’t shocked with how it unfolded. 

"I was disappointed but I was not really surprised there’s been so many things like that the lack of transparency especially happening in Washington lately it just didn’t surprise me," Chris said. 

On the other side, the head of the Leelanau County Republicans believes Sessions stood his ground. 

"I thought he handled himself very well I thought he answered the questions he knew the answers to and it sounds like they are trying to make things up but bottom line aren’t finding anything," Karan said. 

Karen Josephus sees this as only further proof the Trump campaign had no help from Russia in securing its upset victory. 

"If the Russians are trying to affect our elections we need to figure out if that’s happening its obviously not happening from the Trump campaign," Karan said. 

While Chris Cracchiolo says the left is strategizing, working on building stronger candidates, both locally and nationally. 

"We want to provide people with more choices. If things were to go perfectly in the long term we’d like to see full transparency within all our elected officials," he said. 

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