Bees Swarm Patio at Cadillac Dairy Queen

A buzzing problem for people wanting to get a scoop of ice cream at the Cadillac Dairy Queen Saturday afternoon.

Thousands of bees closed down the outdoor patio area while the bees were removed.

The swarm of honey bees gathered around this chair.

Bee keepers wetted down the bees with some water and swept them up in a hive box.

1 bee keeper was stung by the swarm.

The bees will be relocated to a farm in the Tustin area.

“Swarms of bees are very gentle. My suggestions for anyone who comes across a swarm of bee in a tree, which is most likely, you can call any local bee keeper and we will come out and find them a new home,” said beekeeper Katrina Katt.

If you see a swarm, the best thing to do is not approach it.

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