Mesick Group To Clean Up, Repair Community Playground

A seemingly forgotten Wexford County playground is getting some much-needed help, led by a mother and hundreds of supporters.

Dawn Braley took her son to the Enchanted River Playground in Mesick last week when she noticed deteriorating equipment.

Looking for support, she went to Facebook and found a huge response.

Braley says the 12-year-old playground suffers from collapsing play house floors and other signs of neglect.

She started a Facebook group and gathered nearly 300 volunteers willing to help upgrade the park.

She says it’s a positive sign that the playground is important to everyone in Mesick.

"For being a small town, when need be, the community really comes together,” Braley says. “Everybody is willing to help. That’s one thing that we love about being in a small community."

The group is planning their first clean-up day for Saturday, June 17th.

Anyone who wants to help can check out Dawn’s Facebook page.

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