Bierderman Family Commits To Giving $1 Million To Northwestern Michigan College

This week a special $1,000,000 commitment from the Biederman family to Northwestern Michigan College was announced.

The Biederman family is no stranger to giving to NMC.

They were there when the college first started.

This week Ross and Brenda Biederman announced a personal gift of $250,000 for the NMC Annual Fund.

The Les and Anne Biederman Foundation will donate $250,000 for accounting, business, nursing and maritime scholarships.

The foundation will also give $500,000 to the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute it’s the largest single grant in its history.

Ross Biederman says, “The foundation has always been interested in the college, always been a fan of education and we’ve always been a fan of the environment so donating to the water studies is right in our sweet spot it just made sense to us.”

In honor of the water studies donation, the labs, Great Lakes Campus and in their research vessel will be named for the Biederman Family Foundation.

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