Grand Traverse County Democrats, Republicans React To Former FBI Director James Comey’s Testimony

Comey’s testimony was watched and analyzed across the nation.

Those on both sides in Northern Michigan say it could change the face of politics.

9&10 News / Fox 32’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jacob Johnson continue our top story after meeting with Democrats and Republicans in Traverse City.


Members of Grand Traverse County’s Republican and Democratic parties watched and listened to James Comey’s testimony.

A common thread between both: this hearing could reshape American politics.

“I don’t know if it’s indicting but it’s certainly all going to go into the blender.”

Words brought to bear by the former FBI director bomb-shelled across the nation…

That includes to the eyes and ears of Grand Traverse Democratic Party chairman Chris Cracchiolo and Republican Party Executive Committee member, Jason Gillman.

“I believe it is concerning to all of our local democrats that we have to have senate hearings like this so early into a presidency,” Cracchiolo says.

Cracchiolo says concern stemming from Comey’s testimony on Capitol Hill may mean the worst is yet to come.

“The history of senate investigations and special councils or special prosecutors as there used to be usually do not end well for somebody,” Cracchiolo says.

“This is the last gasp for the resistance towards this administration,” Gillman says.

On the other side, Gillman says the senate hearing revealed the administration’s finer points.

“What you are seeing is a change in the political makeup of the country,” Gillman says. “You are seeing a lot of people realize they have been misled."

Both sides say it will take careful analysis from anyone — red or blue — to understand the testimony’s true magnitude.

“I think people need to critically analyze this situation,” Gillman says.

“It’s informative and I think we can be diligent to understand what he’s saying,” Cracchiolo says.

Keep following us both on-air and online as we continue to follow what happens next after today’s hearing.

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