Cadillac Police And Businesses Divided On Potential Michigan CPL Laws

Concealed pistol licenses may not been needed in Michigan soon. 

A package of bills recently passed in the Michigan House, making them optional.

On Wednesday the primary billed passed 59 to 49 and the bill now will go to the Senate.

9&10’s Taylor Jones checked in with police and business owners on this controversial topic.

The changes would make having a CPL optional, but with that, training becomes optional as well.

“To eliminate this provision is a little too loose, I think it will hinder some law enforcement purposes,” says Chief Todd Golnick, Cadillac Police.

To police, included in this package of bills, is an item of concern.

“People could find themselves misinformed and untrained to be carrying and concealing a firearm and that could lead to some problems,” says Golnick.

Cadillac Police Chief Todd Golnick believes in a person’s right to carry but is worried without proper training, accidents could be on the rise.

“I think when you have a program that is kind of regimented to where all people who are getting licensees, are getting education, I think that creates for a lot more safety and consistency, so it’s really important,” says Golnick.

Bakery owner Patty Weatherwax finds the idea of someone who doesn’t know how to use the weapon on their belt, unsettling.

“It would make me uncomfortable because you know there is a lot of unusual people out there. A lot of people, I think they change when they are carrying a gun, they are different, they are a little cockier, their attitudes change and they are not thinking of the responsibility they would have,” says Weatherwax.

On the other side, gun shop owner Carl Carlson believes the changes would do his business good and appreciates the attempt at relaxing gun laws.

“I’m in favor of less government in your business. It might help us because more people might buy guns because it would be easier to carry,” says Carlson.

The bill will now go to the Senate.

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