Residents Move In To New Maples Medical Care Facility in Benzie County

It’s the day many Maples residents have waited years to mark off on their calendars: It’s move in day.

The new building in Frankfort has been sitting empty for several years, after a slew of problems delayed plans to open in 2014. 

In 2015, inspections showed the roof design was not up to code.

Over the years, a number of changes have been made.

Then in March, it was finally given the green light for people to move in.

The exciting energy from the residents, families, staff and volunteers has been consistent all morning.

For some it’s hard to say goodbye to the old building, but excitement awaits to start a life in the new one.

It’s not an easy task moving dozens of residents and their belongings.

The first resident, Gloria Gene Sproul walked in at 9 Tuesday morning.

She says it’s all the support that makes a day like today much easier.

“We have an outstanding staff. Those girls and guys are there all the time to help us and so they make things very easy for this kind of transition,” says Gloria.

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