Inside the Kitchen: Kathy’s Pasties in Farwell

Where food meets function: the pasty became a way of life for 19th century miners across the UP, but remains just as popular now.

Kathy’s Pasties in Farwell serves them up with a twist they say, truly makes the difference!

If the bridge paved the way for Pastie lovers in the lower peninsula, Kathy and her husband, Doppler 9 & 10 Weather Team alum ‘Blizzard’ Bill Spencer, are now working to share them with the rest of the world.

You’ll find KP’s signature product in all five Cops & Doughnuts locations around the region, and in shipping containers bound for fans across America.

Success which comes from Kathy’s tried and true family recipe and a unique innovation all her own: baking the ingredients before they’re stuffed into that familiar flaky shell. 

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