Century Old Boyne City Clock, Restored, Running for the First Time in Decades

A Boyne City landmark is now ticking, after a very long time silent.

“There was division in the community, that left this clock without a home,” said Boyne City Manager Michael Cain.

A sound, last heard in Boyne City more than 40 years ago. The century old tower-clock, restored and ringing once again.

“It’s one of those milestone events that takes place once in a community’s life. And we’re real excited to be a part of it,” added Cain.  

The community fixture laid in storage for the last few decades, ending up in a former police chief’s garage.

“Our former police chief at that time John Talboys took possession of the clock, to preserve it and protect it, it was in his garage from the 1980’s up until 2 years ago,” explained Cain.

The city made the clock an integral part of their new city facilities project. A company from Maine spent the last few months restoring it to its original glory.

The clock is now on display in its new home, a wonderful sight for the community and for the family of the late police chief, who watched over the historic piece all those years.

“It means a lot, because I knew how much my dad loved this clock it’s amazing, I can’t really put it in to words what it means to me, these people have done a wonderful job in what they do,” said Lori Christy, Daughter of the late Police Chief Talboys.  

A job that will hopefully leave the clock ringing for another century or two.

“Their wonderful pieces, you can never say enough about them, because this will be around for you children’s children’s children,” said Rick Balzer, who restored the clock.

While the construction on the new city hall continues, the clock will be wrapped up until July when it’s open for the public to come view.

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