The Maples Medical Facility Celebrates Moving to New Building

“It sat for two years, you know vacant so it’s been a long time coming.”

A celebration years in the making in Frankfort, as The Maples finally opens the doors to their new facility.

Between the obstacles, years of anticipation and the true beauty of the new building, Monday was a special day for so many people, The Maples staff, volunteers, residents and their families.

“It just puts a smile on my face to walk through here and see the beautiful place that these people are going to get to move into,” Kathy Dube, administrator said.

“I probably lit up like a Christmas tree if anybody saw me because it was really nice, the rooms are nice I’m sure they’re going to be fine. We’ve waited a long time so we’ll be satisfied,” Marilyn Nothnahel, resident said.

For close to three years the community waited for this week. The Maples originally planned to open September 2014 then it got pushed back.

“We thought we for sure moving in in the spring of 2015 and then the roof issue was found. And the roof was constructed with combustible material which was not in compliance with fire regulations. We’ve done additional sprinkler systems, some spray foam in there in the ceiling in the attic area and it’s made it now compliant with the regulations,” Dube said.

Despite the wait, it’s all many have ever wanted including more than 10 additional rooms.

“One of the units is strictly for our rehab residents for our short term rehab so they can come and they’re closest to the therapy department so they’ll get their rehab and return home. The other three units are for our long term population, and one unit is for a high functioning memory care unit and one is a lower functioning memory care unit and one is just a general population,” Dube said.

“They have more privacy and more space, even to have her great grandchildren come visit they can actually sit on a floor in a room and play, I even have some toys there so when the grandchildren come. “In the old building there just wasn’t any room, there wasn’t space,” Anne said.

We’ll be back here Tuesday when move-in starts at 9 a.m. with volunteers from all over the community helping out.     

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