TART Trails Kicks Off Annual Smart Commute Week in Traverse City

A Northern Michigan nonprofit is encouraging people to take an alternative way to work this week.

TART Trails in Traverse City is celebrating its 23rd annual Smart Commute Week.

It’s a time to promote cycling, walking, taking the bus and carpooling to work.

Registered teams are competing in the Smart Commute Week challenge, but everyone is encouraged to participate.

There are also free daily breakfasts and other events happening throughout the week. 

"Commuting into work every day on your bike or walking totally takes care of that 30 minutes of exercise we’re required to get,” explains Kate Lewis, marketing and events coordinators for TART Trails. “It’s better for the environment, it’s better for traffic and it’s fun. It makes you feel good. There’s comradery to it. It’s also just a celebration of people who live here because they want to be able to use alternative forms of transportation."

For more information on Smart Commute Week events going on around the city, click here.

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