Jack’s Journal: Mermaid Safety

The Little Mermaid wanted to be part of our world, and it seems there are humans that want to be part of her world.  There is a move afoot, or a move a fin to be mermaids.

You can now buy mermaid tails to swim in, and that is why the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA, known for swimming lessons and water safety, has got a plan.

“We at the YMCA want to make sure everybody is safe in and around water, so we have devised a really fun class to teach children and adults of all ages and girls and boys how to swim with a mermaid tail. How to get in and out safely,” says Chris Byrne, Grand Traverse Bay YMCA.

The fad is coming on strong with mermaids and mermen. They are fun, but take some getting used to.

The skin is like a swim suit and the fins are neoprene so there is some buoyancy.

“Yes, your legs are constricted. They are together. You have to swim in unison. So you competitive swimmers, the dolphin kick, once you learn the dolphin kick it can be easy,” explains Chris.

One thing these mermaid instructors want the public to know is the tails can be fun, but like anything to do with water, something bad can happen quickly. So before you head out to the big blue sea, know you have to practice to be safe and their class is all about safety.

“Everybody using these learns how to get in and out of them very quickly.  If anything were to arise, swallowed water, wave came at you, you are able to get out of the tail or able to swim rolling on to your back kicking to safety,” says Chris.

Fun on the water means safety is king.

Mermaids: the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA is tapping into the public’s new fad with a tale as old as the sea!

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