TVC Cherry Capital Airport Welcomes First Direct Flight From DFW

“We can just get here so fast it makes a weekend trip possible.”

A very busy day for Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, welcoming passengers on the first direct flight from Dallas, Texas.

The American Airlines flight from TVC to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has been in the works for the last five years.

Today it finally took off.

9&10’s Taylor Jones joins us live at Cherry Capital as the airport and city welcome the first guests from Texas.

Only a few hours ago the first passengers from Dallas Fort Worth stepped off the plane.

They were greeted with goodie bags but that was not the only welcome gift!

 “Walking up to Dallas to the gate we were leaving was awesome because there was photographers and famous cherry pie and then getting here I didn’t even expect this pulling in seeing the cannons,” Kelly and Hannah Lytle said.

The first passengers from Dallas Fort Worth were greeted with a water arch and smiling faces.

This is a flight TVC has been working on for years.

 “Dallas is one of those hubs that can connect you all over the world and it really gives us a great connection to our southern airports and our southern tourist that come up. And get out of that heat in Dallas and play golf, enjoy our wineries and do all of that,” Kevin Klein said.

It’s a flight that will make it easier for people to come to Northern Michigan, and that can only boost the economy.

Dallas has been a long term economical generator where had a strong tie with our oil industry here in Michigan and we’re only building upon it,” Klein said.

“You also look at international travel and we have such a great growth in our area, specifically with our wineries where other wineries are built down in South America and Dallas provides that connecting point,” he said.

Hannah and Kelly were on the first flight from Dallas Fort Worth. They have been coming up here for years to enjoy all Northern Michigan has to offer.

“I think this area is such a hidden gem that not that many people know about and so it’s really cool when we get to talk about it and now people have the opportunity to just come here. Coming from Dallas we don’t have any water really and so we love the water sports here, all the fresh berries picking," Kelly and Hannah said.

The direct American Airlines flight will run through the summer until August 21.

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