Traverse City Kicking Off Smart Commute Week With Bike Swap

A Traverse City event is giving the community a chance to upgrade their bikes.

The 7th annual Recycle-A-Bicycle Bike Swap is this weekend, kicking off the start of Smart Commute Week.

It gives members of the community an opportunity to sell their current bikes and purchase a different one.

The event is a great chance to purchase your first bike or even upgrade a kid’s bike.

"If they want to maybe exchange them and maybe move up on something, or find something that fits them better, they can at least get another bicycle or just sell the ones that they have,” says Don Cunkle, director of the Recycle-A-Bicycle Program.

People interested in selling can drop their bikes off Friday night.

The swap begins Saturday at 9 a.m.

Sellers will receive 75 percent of the profits from the sale.

The remaining 25 percent goes back to the Recycle-A-Bicycle program.

For more information on the Recycle-A-Bicycle Bike Swap, click here.

For more information on Smart Commute Week, click here.

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