TC Area Chamber of Commerce to Receive $300K Grant From Michigan Film Office

The Michigan Film Office is trying to reel in jobs and creative minds with a special grant in Northern Michigan.

Michigan’s Film and Digital Media Office introduced the Creative Chamber Initiative.

It’s a pilot program to try and create jobs and attract creative minds to fill them in five Michigan communities, and Traverse City is one of them.

The initiative also creates a $300,000 grant to start a partnership with the TC Area Chamber of Commerce.

Filmmakers in the area say it’s a needed boost for the creative community.

"Offering this money out there revitalizes projects that people had in the back 40 and are looking for some encouragement. It’s not so much money that it’s going to take a big dent out of the state," Rich Brauer, film producer and director said.

The Film Office hopes it won’t just bring in jobs for the film industry, but in fields from communication to graphic design and marketing.

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