Manistee County Residents Spot Possible Rare White Wolf, DNR Looking For More Information

What could be a rare white wolf sighting in Manistee County has residents and the DNR looking for more information.

The owners of Betsie River Centennial Lily Farm say the animal has been spotted three times by family and neighbors.

These pictures are from May 23rd and they show what looks to be a pure white wolf.

The owners of the lily farm said the first spotting was two weeks ago and the most recent was a week ago.

The Michigan DNR is asking you to call them with any sightings.

“It was just this solid almost all white little bit of grey not much on it, said it had to be a wolf,” said Dianna Rau, owner of Betsie River Centennial Lily Farm. “I called the DNR immediately even before we seen the pictures. He told me they have a tracking program where they like to get these calls so they can kind of see sightings.”

We have reached out to the Michigan DNR and will update you as soon as we get more information.

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