Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office Makes Arrest After Barricaded Gunman Incident

Shots fired outside of a Kalkaska County home and a four hour standoff. It ended with a man in handcuffs.

The sheriff’s office got a call Monday night around eight about a domestic assault that turned into a barricaded gunman situation.

The sheriff’s office says the standoff was at a pole barn on a property in Coldsprings Township.

Megan Woods has more details on how this situation ended.

“We were all playing outside having a barbecue and heard some yelling from the neighbors.”

A Memorial Day barbecue ended strangely for Janel Nooney and her family visiting near this home.

“I went inside a little bit later getting stuff ready to go my kids were still outside and they had heard some gunshots which wouldn’t seem like a big deal, lots of people shoot out there whatever. But they say it sounded really close, they were worried about that. As soon as they told me that we saw a whole bunch of cop cars coming and getting out.”

The sheriff, Patrick Whiteford says it all started with Brian Houtman assaulting a woman, then came the gunfire. “Went outside, fired off a few rounds from his guns and then it was reported that he went into the pole barn on the property with the guns.”

As officers arrived, the situation became a standoff.

Sheriff Whiteford says, “There was some threats Mr. Houtman made towards the police and towards himself. As the evening progressed about 12:20 a.m. just after midnight Mr. Houtman through the team negotiations and his family speaking with him, he peacefully came out of the pole barn.”

It’s what the sheriff categorizes as the best outcome. “That’s sometimes what takes so long everybody stands back and makes sure everything is done as safely as possible.”

Houtman is facing assault and weapons charges.

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