Heated Discussion On Traverse City Becoming A Sanctuary City Continues

“Can’t we take care of our own people before we start bringing in others?”

A crowded and divided room Wednesday night as the discussion on Traverse City becoming a sanctuary city continues.

The Human Rights Ad Hoc Committee held their second meeting and before the meeting, crowds of protestors filled the parking lot.

In our top story, 9&10’s Whitney Amann has more on the controversial sanctuary city meeting.

“There’s nothing wrong with legal immigration, I think most everybody supports that.”

Heated discussion continued on what it would mean if Traverse City became a sanctuary city; more friendly to undocumented immigrants.

“I moved up here because of the bay, because it’s beautiful not because I felt unsafe down by people who weren’t like me or people who were undocumented.”

“We need to take charge, all the people of the United States need to take charge and fight back. We worked hard for this citizenship.”

The committee simply wants to gather information.

“There’s a lot of assumption about where we’re coming from and really, it was a group of us that we’re listening to the pleas. Of making sure that, I don’t know, some of our other citizens were going to be taken care of and I said yes, I volunteered I don’t know, I don’t have the answer, do you have the answer?”

The discussion has sparked controversy, some concerned for their safety and the future of the city.

“The city and the county are already in financial trouble. Becoming a sanctuary city will cost us the very industry this community prides itself on which is tourism.”

“If you were to allow this to happen, you’re going to have so many people that are not going to want to do business in downtown traverse city. I know that’s true, they will boycott you.”

While others say there should be no fear.

“We have a common misconception when it comes to sanctuary. When considering a sanctuary city, don’t use it as a catch phrase, just define it how you think you should treat a human being.”

“I would also ask you to consult with the city’s legal department rather than the armed chair lawyers that are here today.”

The committee says they still have a long way to go until a recommendation is made.

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