Paris Woman Discovers Meaning Behind Penny Left On Veteran Husband’s Grave

A curious surprise for a woman, she came across a penny on of her Veteran husband’s grave when she went to pay her respects on Memorial Day.

The penny left Irene Bidwell of Paris wondering what it meant.

9&10’s Taylor Jones spent her day with Irene and learned the meaning of coins on Veteran graves.

“I visited his grave put a new flag on and I leaned over the stone to say my prayer and I looked and said oh my gosh, there’s a penny! What is the meaning?” Says Bidwell.

A curious moment for Irene Bidwell as she went to pay respects to her late husband Jerry who died four years ago.

“He was the best. We were married 47 years and he was in the Vietnam War from 66 to 68,” says Bidwell.

Irene felt the penny meant something, and found out it did.

“A penny left on any type of a monument or any type of grave stone means you thought of them. You may not know them personally, maybe you know the family, but you thought enough of their service that you wanted to stop and pay that respect,” says Renee Haley.

This gesture to Irene’s beloved husband brought tears to her eyes.

“That’s amazing, it’s just amazing. I go just about every day because I miss him. This memorial weekend we would have been married 51 years. I know he’s watching over me, he was a good guy,” says Bidwell.

Renee Haley, director of veteran services for Clare County, says pennies aren’t the only meaningful coins left on graves.

“A nickel means you attended training with them in some sort in military training. A dime also means that you served with them on some capacity, maybe in the same company or same platoon but you served together. The quarter has the most significant meaning because it means they were with that service member at the time of their death,” says Haley.

“I just am thankful people think of him. It’s a good idea if I see a Veterans grave, I think I’ll put a penny in there,” says Bidwell.

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