Williamsburg Community Marches In Honor of Memorial Day

Traffic on M-72 in Williamsburg was backed up Monday morning with holiday weekend traffic as well as the dozens in cars and on foot turning out to American Legion Post 289’s Annual Memorial Day March.

Megan Woods has details on the powerful message of this Memorial Day processional.

This was no ordinary processional. Dozens were led by local veterans as they walked more than a mile to put down wreaths at three different locations.

Stephen Dockers, Post 289’s Commander who retired from the U.S. Navy says, “It started way before I ever became an American Legion Member and that’s been over 20 years now I think it started in the 1950s.”

Jim Neibauer, a retired U.S. Navy Commander and member of the post says, “The symbolism is primarily in the fact that the ceremony takes place at a cemetery we need to honor those people in their presence if you will and I think it reinforces the idea behind Memorial Day.”

The march is done with purpose many, walking with a special someone or story in mind.

Neibauer says, “I had a very good friend rod mayor who was a net 4 pilot for the navy and on one mission he did not come back.”

With people of all ages included in the honorary moments, it ensures this tradition will continue.

Donavan Ochs, an Eagle Scout from Troop 30 says, “It’s a great way to not only walk in this parade behind veterans and beside them as well but it’s just a great way to come together as just one and celebrate this special holiday to all of us.”

The wreaths and flags will remain here for all those who pass by to see. 

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