Soo Residents Deal With Damages Following BB Gun Shootings; Suspect Search Continues

Police in Sault Ste. Marie are still searching for the people who shot-up multiple cars and homes with BB guns.

The spree happened over the weekend. A witness says they saw an older grey vehicle with three to four passengers holding a BB gun out of their window.

“I’m sitting watching the game, and all of the sudden I heard this it sounded like an air compressor, only really loud,” says Sault Ste. Marie Resident Ron Johnson   

Ron and Linda Johnson were at home when the first shots struck, they didn’t recognize the sound until the next day.

“We got up the next morning and we went out to the kitchen to make coffee and noticed the holes in the window,” added Ron.

The Johnson’s next door neighbor suffered a similar fate.

“We were actually out of town, and my daughters were home, and we got a call. From her, noticed my truck window had been shot, shattered,” said Jason Morgan.  

According to police, the suspects struck 10 streets, damaging at least 18 car and home windows during the spree.

Witnesses say they saw three or four people inside an older model grey, four door car, sticking a BB gun out the window.  

“I don’t know if its kids or adults, or what we assume just kind of punks going around being crazy,” said Morgan.

The vandals caused thousands in damages, and quite the inconvenience for resident’s left to deal with it.

“It’s an older truck and I was thinking gosh, do I try and get a whole new door, a new window, not even sure who can replace it yet,” explained Morgan.

“We’re getting older I’m 66 and my husband is 73 and he has arthritis, and we are too old for this,” said Linda Johnson.

“It’s a real inconvenience, it’s just another thing for us to do now,” added Ron.

Saul Ste. Marie police are still looking for more information; residents like the Johnson’s say they are hopeful they will get some answers.

“I would like to see them do community service and pay for the damage that they’ve done. Hopefully they find out who did it, sooner or later. I have faith they will find out who did it,” said the Johnson’s. 

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