Cadillac Veteran Discusses Fireworks And PTSD Impact

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate.

A lot of people do that by lighting off fireworks. 

But the loud noises can trigger PTSD for some veterans. 

"PTSD comes in a lot of different forms, lots of different reasons whether its war or personal," John King said. 

John King is one of the thousands of veterans struggling with PTSD.
A condition he developed after he served. 

"I’ve seen a little here a little there and I’ve been through a quite a bit but not as much as I have in civilian life with medical and surgeries and everything," he said. 

Days like Memorial Day can bring it back. 

"What triggers it is hearing other people’s stories," John said. 

And even though he is ok around fire works, a couple of his family members who also served, can’t say the same. 

"You’re sleeping on your couch, fall asleep watching tv and all of a sudden the fireworks start pounding out and you’re in the middle of a dream your mind and body doesn’t know you’re at home," John said. 

Trenton Dosch works at Jeff’s Fireworks in Cadillac, and says people should talk to their neighbors if veterans live nearby and if necessary move their fireworks to another location. 

"It’s not real nice to do it next to someone who is really uncomfortable with it in the first place. I know it’s more convenient to do so but it wouldn’t hurt to take the fireworks down the road or to a field or something," Trenton Dosch said. 

John, and many other veterans struggling with PTSD, ask that on a day honoring those who laid down their lives for our freedom, we also think about those who have unseen scars.  

"Just imagine what’s going through their mind how scared they are in that fraction of a second," John said. 

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