Houghton Lake Community Comes Together To Raise Money For Woman In Hospital

A community came together to support a Houghton Lake woman who is in the hospital.

Jennifer Denboer’s family and the community had a fundraiser to help with medical expenses.

Jennifer got a heart transplant at the beginning of the month.

She’s been in the ICU ever since.

People packed into the Houghton Lake Wesleyan Church to enjoy a car show, bake sale, games and more.

It was also a time to bring awareness to transplants.

After waiting four years for a transplant, Jennifer’s family is thankful she is doing okay.

“I’m grateful she is alive and the heart is doing well, there’s set backs but we’re going to work through it and that’s mainly what we care about is she is alive and well and she is recuperating in the hospital, but at the end of the day it’s better than not having her around,” says Jeanine Shreve.

You can find out how to donate to Jennifer here

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