Traces of Chemicals Found in Grayling Township Water

Traces of a chemical were found in groundwater in Grayling Township.

Now the Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs is getting the word out about it.

The Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) found are typically used in materials used for fire training.

The discovery of those chemicals near Camp Grayling was shared at a public meeting Thursday night.

Megan Woods has more details on what action is being taking to find out where the chemicals may have spread.

“We did some testing just based on what is happening across the nation with regard to Fire crash rescue training.”

That’s when they discovered the slightly elevated levels.

General Major Gregory Vadnais, Director of Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs says, “We informed the community of what we knew even though we’re very early in the process the data is very preliminary and I would tell you that the levels of PFC that we got back are really were slightly elevated.”

So now the state department and local health departments are taking action.

General Major Vadnais says, “So the next step is to go in we determined the area where groundwater flow is and if there’s going to be contamination we want to go look at drinking water and classified area and we’re doing that.”

Environmental Health Director at the District Health Department #10 Tom Reichard says, “We’re looking at a maximum of 150 homes, it will probably take 4 to 6 weeks to get the results back.”

The chemical is only effective when ingested.

And if it’s mixed with water it’s a concern for those in the area.

Michael Vansloot says, “I was planning on trying to sell my house this summer well now I have to kind of legally disclose to people hey you know even though they’re going to try and test my well it’s safe I mean who knows how long it’s going to take to leach this way.”

He is hoping he can help his neighbors who may have not been able to go to the meeting.

“I did grab a bunch of the cards and as I’ve told you I plan on talking to most of my neighbors tonight I talked to a couple last night that I did not see there, I’m going to bring them card and say get your well tested, we’re all in this together we need to know how far it’s gone.”

The city of Grayling is offering another source of water at their town hall. For more information click here.

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