Otsego Co. Prosecutor: Marijuana Dispensaries Worried They Will Be Raided, Arrested

The Otsego County prosecutor is sending out this letter to marijuana dispensaries.

Some businesses say they’re confused about the current drug law in Gaylord

There have been several raids of marijuana dispensaries in Gaylord.

Otsego County Prosecutor Brendan Curran says the businesses are now asking if they will be raided, or if they’ll be arrested.

So he sent out this letter, giving all the dispensaries the same information.

The letter says that as long as they comply with the law, they won’t be raided.

The owner of a Gaylord dispensary says he’s tired of the raids, and might move someplace else.

“Tomorrow I’m going down to Lansing to talk to somebody about a possible merger and go into business in a safe area so I can help these guys up here stay safe,” Chad Morrow, owner Cloud 45 said.

“A number of people called me immediately after getting this letter and said things like oh my god does this mean I’m going to be raided, I certainly didn’t mean to start any fear or anything like that, this was just intended to be a reasonably friendly communication to encourage compliance with the law, nothing more than that,” Brendan Curran, Otsego Country prosecuting attorney said.

Curran adds that state medical marijuana regulations are changing, and urges dispensaries to avoid problems until new rules take over in January. 

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