Mesick Man Arrested, Accused Of Trying To Hire Someone To Kill People

"I’m firmly convinced that this individual wanted people dead,” says F/Lt. Frank Keck, Post-Commander of the Cadillac MSP Post.

Troopers say this man was trying to hire someone to kill two people.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader was the only one in the courtroom as Dean Evans was charged Friday morning with two counts of soliciting to murder.

State police say a friend of Dean Evans in Mesick called Wexford County deputies, saying Evans asked him to find someone he could hire for the crime.

Troopers asked the Traverse Narcotics Team to help and an undercover officer dug up more disturbing discoveries.

9&10’s Cody Boyer walks us through the details in tonight’s top story.


State police say Dean Evans had a plan to get his friend to find someone to help him kill two people.

Troopers say he even was offering money for the hit.

They say he wanted someone accusing him of a crime dead.

“It became clear that this person was looking to solicit a murder for hire,” Lt. Keck says.

It started with a phone call to deputies.

Troopers say Evans asked his friend to help him with this murder for hire plot.

“An individual had been approaching him about wanting some people killed,” Lt. Keck says. “They contacted Michigan State Police and we started the joint investigation with our detectives."

Lt. Keck says this happened over the course of months…but the tip came in just yesterday.

They immediately summoned an undercover officer.

“The undercover officer actually met with the suspect in this case, discussed the murders that he wanted conducted, arranged at a price, then we let the individual leave the area and we had uniform officers stop and arrest him,” Lt. Keck says.

Evans spoke up several times as he heard his charges, and apologized before the district court judge stopped him, saying he should remain silent and speak with an attorney.

“If that person hadn’t come forward and he had approached somebody else who maybe didn’t have the same morals or ethics and did find somebody that would carry out this murder, the two individuals…they could be dead now,” Lt. Keck says.

State Police say he may made the same request to others.

“I’m firmly convinced that this individual wanted people dead,” Lt. Keck says. “I mean, he offered forth money, talked about his reasoning for wanting these people dead so he was fairly serious about it and people who were contacted by him should take it just as seriously."

Evans is already on-trial for sex crimes.

Bond was revoked Friday afternoon during a final pre-trial hearing.

The prosecution says that at least one of the victims in that case could be connected.

Evans’ bond for the two counts of soliciting for murder has been set at $1,000,000.

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