Cadillac Area Public Schools Present Master Plan For Improvements

Cadillac Area Public Schools wrapped up an 18 month long process examining their master plan Thursday night.

This comes after an audit showed several buildings needed improvements and repairs.

9&10’s Whitney Amann has continuing coverage on the future of the schools.

“Tonight we were excited to unveil our master facility plan, our version of the proposal that we’ve been working with the community over the past 18 months,” said Jennifer Brown, superintendent for CAPS.

A proposal the Cadillac administration says best represents the community’s wants, needs and values.

“I think what they’ve done I’m happy with now, I had a lot of questions before but I think that they did a good job presenting it and making sure that everyone was able to participate, not trying to keep anyone out of the discussion,” said James McInerney, parent at CAPS.

After holding several forums over the past few months, community members saw the plan that they could be voting on in November as part of a millage increase request.

“What this proposal will do is really address the environmental barriers we have to providing kids learning experiences that are real world, relevant and 21st century,” said Brown.

Some of the changes include adding an early childhood center, creating a six through eighth grade building so students have fewer transitions, and moving some of their programs to Baker College.

Staff and students are going to be involved in the designs and changes during the process.

“They have a different perspective, they have different ideas that are really neat and creative,” said Brown.

“Being a kid from Cadillac, having a good education is very important when considering moving and going to other places so definitely the better education you are going to have and going to another place is really important for not only the kids who are there but the community because they could also still be here and impacting the community in a positive way,” said Tim Coffey, junior at Cadillac High School.

The board of education will meet on June 12th to approve the plan with a potential millage vote in November.

You can find more information on the proposal here.

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