Manton Motel Explosion Sends Mother, Children to Hospital, Cause Under Investigation

“There were people sleeping and I don’t think everybody would have made it out.”

A morning was shattered by an explosion at a Manton motel.

It sent a mother and her sons to the hospital.

Wexford County deputies say a fire started in a motel room, then spread to other rooms.

Deputies say the Green Mill Motel explosion happened around 4 Wednesday morning in Manton.

Investigators say a woman and her two sons were found lying outside, suffering from severe burns.

Their condition is unknown.

The fire chief says the building was full of people who needed to escape.

"I think the building was pretty full. I drive by here every day. Yesterday, there was a no vacancy sign out. Everybody was evacuated by the time we got here. We went door to door and checked,” Kelly Whitehead, Cedar Creek Twp. fire chief said.

9&10’s Cody Boyer was at the motel where investigators are still looking into what happened.

State police, sheriff’s deputies and the fire marshal have all been here using tools like drones to figure out what happened to make this building explode.

They say a mother and her boys were badly hurt.

"I just thought it was something in the backyard or thunder until I heard the screaming,” Jeremy Gotowka, neighbor said.

Sounds of terror after an explosion in the room next to where Jeremy was getting ready for work.

He and a few others tried to help.

"Rick was trying to put out what was left inside the room. He hollered for wet towels. I tried to get the wet towels, got the other fire extinguisher." We tried to do the best we could. By that time, it was too late,” Jeremy said.

The Cedar Creek Township fire chief says a woman and her sons were all airlifted, suffering severe burns.

Michael from room one tried to prevent even more injuries.

"I started beating on everybody’s doors, making sure that everybody else got out before the flames got to them," Michael Staniszewski, motel resident said.

Jeremy and his dog Bruno made it out with what was on their backs.

All he and the other hotel guests can do is hope the three hurt are okay.

"It’s not going to be easy for anybody. We know them. They know us. It’s going to be a hard step to take once they get out healthy, hopefully they do." Jeremy said.

"I just hope they don’t die. I love them. And they are in my prayers. And I pray that they live,” Michael said.

Stores in the community have started raising donations to help the people who lived here.

State police say they won’t release names until further into the investigation.

They’ve also ruled out arson.

A family member tells us the mom and one of the boys are stable right now with burns on over 40 percent of their body.

And the second son is being flown to Boston with burns on over 70 percent of his body.

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