LSSU Officially Welcomes New Business Hall, Students and Faculty Excited

It was an exciting day for Lake Superior State University as they officially welcomed their newest building to campus.

The R.W. Considine Hall is home to the Lukenda School of Business, replacing the old South Hall that dates back to when the university was an army fort.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski talked to students and faculty about why the building is so special to them.

While the project was not without its challenges along the way, it was an exciting day for LSSU as they closed the book officially with the commemorative ceremony for the R.W. Considine Hall 

"It’s awesome to have our own space," a business student Joshua Goldschmidt said. "Every other group of students has their own building. Like science majors have Crawford Hall and engineers have the Cass Building and for us just to have a building that we can kind of be proud of and call kind of our home."

The project took three years and $13.5 million to complete with the help of many donors and nearly $9 million from the state.

Now, the Lukenda School of Business has an official home. 

"We were without a building for many years and I think it’s a great accomplishment, not only for administration here at the university, but I think everybody involved in trying to come together," LSSU associate professor of international business and strategic management Ralf Wilhelms said.

The building maintains many historic characteristics, while also being up to date with the latest technology.

"The first time I walked in, it was kind of breathtaking," Goldschmidt said. 

More than that, it’s a space for business students and faculty to interact and learn.

"It’s just a lot nicer to have professors in one area and being able to talk to them more often and more interaction, like person-to-person, and not having to leave one building," Goldschmidt said. 

The building also has study rooms, a cafe and plenty of space for students to relax.

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