Hometown Tourist: Petals & Perks

Sometimes a pick me up is much needed in the morning or even during the day, and for many it’s a cup of Joe.

This week’s Hometown Tourist takes us to Frankfort to a coffee shop that puts some extra pep in the daily grind.

Petals & Perks, a place that started off as half flower shop, half coffee house, found its niche in providing a homey place for a cup of Joe.

 “A community hangout, a gathering place with a great cup of coffee, great atmosphere, all homemade baked goods,” said owner Chris Mekas.

Those baked goods are made fresh in house and served up with signature drinks and with coffee and tea from Traverse City.

“We make everything here in house, homemade soups, Belgian waffles and just try to make it a good experience where you feel cozy when you are here and when you leave. Some of our signature drinks, it’s got extra espresso in it, its chocolate, its cherry which is important to Northern Michigan,” said Mekas.

While you sit down to catch your second wind, Chris and his wife want this space to feel a bit like home.

“We want people to feel as if they’re extended family, that they’re comfortable, that’s why you have this different vignettes of sitting here so you’re like at your house or your family’s house,” said Mekas.

Here you’ll find a perfect Northern Michigan blend of coffee and artwork.

A big part of that recipe is the love Chris and his family have for all things Michigan.

“We’re always here for the community; we don’t shut down because it’s a holiday or something. We’re here because everyone needs a cup of coffee every day of the year,” noted Mekas

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